TO: Learning, Training & Performance Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie,
Host & Curator
RE: "Curation & Learning LAB"

NEW DATES: March 21 - 23, 2018

Curation is a key, strategic, and evolving opportunity and challenge for the Learning & Development field.

As content, context and collaboration for Learning expands, your employees are facing a wider Learning Panorama.  Curation is the process of finding, sorting, organizing, rating, ranking, recommending, validating, clearing, tracking and personalizing learning resources.

You and your colleagues are invited to participate in our just added, unique, vendor-neutral Curation & Learning LAB experience with Elliott Masie in our Learning Center in Saratoga Springs - deeply exploring, experimenting, assessing and deploying a range of curation strategies:  


March 21 - 23, 2018

Learning LAB @ MASIE Center - Saratoga Springs

Elliott Masie will host a small group of learning colleagues in a 2 ½ day intensive exploration and lab experience at the 10,000 square foot MASIE Learning LAB in Saratoga Springs.


We will explore:

  • Curation for Learning: Why, How, Models & Strategies
  • Curation Tools: Leveraging Learning & Content Systems
  • Curation Tools: Leveraging Learning Apps & Frameworks
  • Curating Internal Content
  • Curating External "Open" Content
  • Personalization of Curation: By Role, Style & History
  • Curation of User-Created Content & Collaboration
  • Curation & Compliance: Keeping it Legal & Safe
  • Performance Support & OJT Curation
  • The Learner as Curator?
  • Curating Real-Time Content for Wider Use
  • "Recommendations" (Rankings, Ratings & Advice)
  • Curation Skills for Learning Professionals
  • Governance of Curation
  • "Truth Testing" & "Appropriateness Screening"
  • Curation for Transfer: Learning at the Moment of Need
  • Machine Learning & AI for Curation: The Future?
  • Building a Curation Taxonomy: Tags, Keys & Sorts
  • The Librarian as a Curation Model
  • Curation Goals: Targeting, Transparency & Optimizing
  • Mapping Curation to Current Design Models (e.g. ADDIE)
  • Curation for Global and Diverse Workforces
  • Curiosity-Based Curation: Siri, Alexa & More
  • Emerging Curation Tech & Methodologies


Our first Curation & Learning LABs have sold old each time they have been offered. We have had participants from around the world and a wide range of industries. They are some of our most exciting LABs ever conducted at The MASIE Center and include video interviews with 6 learning experts with perspectives about Curation, Learning Design, Metadata, Learning Innovation, and more.