ChatBots will allow your learners to type or speak a question/request and get an instant resource, information bit, or performance support. 

ChatBotspic1ChatBots are coming to the Workplace. Employees, customers, and business partners will ask for and receive Content, Context, Connection, Collaboration and More from ChatBots:

  • "What are the steps for...?"
  • "How do I do...?"
  • "What does XXXXX mean...?"
  • "Who on the staff has experience with...?"
  • "Is there a video clip about...?
  • "Any updates on the product launch of....?"
  • "Walk me through how to....?"

smartassistanceChatBots will be deployable at work for Learning Topics, Support Issues, Collaboration Extension and could be used to support "Transfer" of skill after a learning program.  And, ChatBots will work with "Smart Speaker Assistants" – leveraging Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, IBM’s Watson, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and more.

You and your colleagues are invited to participate in our newly designed, unique, vendor-neutral ChatBots for Learning LAB with Elliott Masie in our Saratoga Springs Learning Center- exploring, experimenting, assessing, and deploying a range of workplace-focused and interactive ChatBot experiments.


 Host: Elliott Masie
May 1-3, 2018  |  Learning LAB @ The MASIE Center



Elliott Masie will host a small group of learning colleagues in a 2 ½ day intensive exploration and lab experience at the 10,000 square foot MASIE Learning LAB in Saratoga Springs.

Together, we will explore the emerging field of ChatBots for Learning:

  • ChatBots: 20 Working Examples and Case Studies of ChatBots @ Work!
  • ChatBots: Workers Ask and the System Responds
  • ChatBots Design: Q&A, Dynamic, Machine Learning, Human Response
  • ChatBot Technology: Knowledge Clouds (Internal, External & Syndicated)
  • ChatBots with Internal Content
  • ChatBots and Compliance/Legal “Nightmares?”
  • Personalization of ChatBots: For Me, Data-Driven, Style-Shaping
  • Eliza: The History of Early ChatBots in the 1960’s
  • ChatBots & Trust: Behavioral Dimensions
  • Performance Support & ChatBots?
  • ChatBots & Learning: Triggering and Shaping Learning Paths
  • ChatBots & Curation: Front End for Curated Content
  • "Recommendations" (Rankings, Ratings & Advice)
  • Downsides and ChatBot Weaknesses
  • ChatBots in Action in the Workplace Now!
  • Building Chatbots: Design a Prototype - Typed & Verbal Demo
  • ChatBots for Learning Transfer: Push or Pull at the Moment of Need
  • Smart, Machine Learning & AI Evolution with ChatBots?
  • The ChatBot Knowledge Base: Tagging, Expanding, Rating, Ranking
  • Governance and Costs of ChatBots in the Organization
  • Mapping ChatBots to Learning Design Models (e.g. ADDIE & Agile)
  • ChatBots with Multi-Media Content
  • “Listen to Me” and “Coach Me” ChatBot Models
  • Emerging ChatBot Methodologies


The MASIE Center’s Learning CONSORTIUM has been experimenting and tracking the development of ChatBots and Vocal Interaction Technology continually. Recently, we hosted IBM’s Watson Robot on the main stage of Learning 2017 where the technology tried to get free “SpongeBob the Musical” tickets from Elliott (as one of the Broadway show’s producers).

ChatBotLearnThis is an intriguing time for ChatBot development. Most of the focus of ChatBots has been in the personal marketplace, as your employees have phones, tablets, watches, and smart speakers that are adding weekly responsive capacity and features. Now, ChatBot Technology and "Smart Speaker Assistants" are adding the Worker and the Workplace to their capabilities.  Recently, Amazon released the first wave of "Alexa at Work" implementation.

Our ChatBots for Learning LAB will enable you and your colleagues to work with, explore, challenge, and even build ChatBot and Responsive Technology demos in a safe environment.  We will interview ChatBot developers at the major technology companies via live video and ask targeted questions about the application of this to the worker and workplace. You will leave with several devices and some demo samples to share with your colleagues in the workplace.

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